K1600GT/GTL Short Throw Shift Kit

Here at DMAC Machining we love to ride.  We have ridden several different bikes over the years but recently we have been riding the BMW K1600.  There aren't many faults with the K1600, it truly is a great motorcycle. However, one thing that has always made us scratch our head is "why is the shift throw so long?".  This is a common trait with the BMW family of motorcycles.  Now there is an effective solution that will allow you to shorten the throw of the shift on your K1600GT/GTL and put some more sport in your sport touring motorcycle.

The original linkage is where it has to be... It also has a total throw of 70mm (early production) and 57mm (later production) on the GTL, and 47mm on the GT.  This long throw tends to make the big BMW K1600 transmission feel unnecessarily clunky when changing gears, especially in the lower rev range.  BMW apparently recognized the problem on the GTL and made a change by shortening the transmission shift lever on or about the 2014-year model.  While it was an improvement, due to the physical restraints in this area of the bike and the single straight link, doesn’t really go far enough. 

The Original Linkage

Short Throw Shift Kit

Kits are currently in production on an ongoing basis.  In most cases your kit will ship within 5 business days or less.


Installation Instructions

Installation of the Short Throw Shift Kit is simple and requires no permanent modification to your motorcycle.  Only basic hand tools are required to install and properly adjust.  All required hardware is included with the kit.  Click the link to the left to view and download the installation instructions.