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We have a full shop of diverse CNC milling and cnc turning centers as well as manual mills and lathes.   We focus primarily on prototype and short run production and being well equipped ensures we can manufacture just about any component you need.  Complex or simple, tiny or large, one or one thousand, or anywhere in between, we can probably cover it.  

Engineering Plans


Elegant Abstract Background


Utilizing Solidworks with integrated SolidCAM we can get the part modeled, programmed and set up and running usually with hours.  Every one of our staff is highly skilled and can perform every aspect required from basic manual machining to CNC programming to final inspection.

DMAC machinists specialize precision prototype parts and  short runs and small lot sizes.  Our versatile CNC milling machines are capable of running a variety of materials, including carbon alloys, aluminum, brass, copper alloys, stainless steel, high nickel alloys, titanium alloys and plastics and other various composite materials.  We can also help you choose the best material for your application and help you determine the best way to reduce your part’s cost without any reduction in quality or performance. Head over to Manufacturing Consulting to learn more about this. 

Precision CNC Machining

Creating a prototype is often necessary to achieve the desired result when performing custom CNC work and our machinists have the experience and tools required to deliver Precision prototyping services and more. 

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