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Manufacturing Consulting


Services Include

 Consultation on the manufacturability of your design.

 We will consult with you in order to fully understand the design intent and requirements then suggest edits as appropriate to improve the bottom line and final result.

Quite often a simple design modification can lower cost and improve the end results without affecting the designed function.

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DMAC offers the most trusted precision prototype machining services around.

Along with precision machining services, we offer advanced welding, fabrication and mechanical design consultation services. We can integrate PLC controls, hydraulics, pneumatic and complex electrical systems into a wide variety of manufacturing solutions.

On the design side, we utilize the latest version of Solidworks which is capable of all aspects of product design including Flow Simulation, Finite Element Analysis and photo realistic renderings and animations.  Solid works is also capable of importing and working with most types of CAD data as well.  On the manufacturing side we utilize SolidCAM, a powerful CAM system integrated directly into the Solidworks CAD software allowing us to manufacture components nearly as quick as we design them.  

Have an idea on a napkin? Bring it in, we would love to machine your concept into completion.

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