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cmm machine with chrome piece inside of machine

Vision Inspections

One thing we learned over the years is that making it right and verifying it is right can be two entirely different things.  Therefore, we always strive to ensure our resources are capable of not only making the parts correct, but certifying they are correct.

photo of doors of the metrology lab


  Our inhouse, climate-controlled Metrology Lab is equipped with a state-of-the-art Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) as well as a no-contact Vision Inspection System and the latest CMM Manager software to run both.  The CMM and Vision Inspection System are calibrated annually to ISO/NIST standards and all other measuring devices are continuously calibrated inhouse to certified precision gauges and standards. 

Metrology Laboratory
Precision Gage Blocks


Our QA System includes first article inspections, continuous in process inspections on the shop floor, and final Inspection using one of our CMM machines in the lab before delivery.

Nikon Vision CMM Machine

Nikon Inex IV

Brown and Sharpe machine

Brown & Sharpe

Mitutoyo QM machine

Mitutoyo QM 

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